Leadership Seminar Chair – Natalie Gaudette

Natalie Gaudette is returning for her second year as the HOBY Maryland Leadership Seminar Chair. Natalie has been involved in HOBY at the state and national level since her ambassador year in 2007, representing her high school at the Connecticut HOBY Seminar and World Leadership Congress that year. Natalie joined the Corporate Board as the Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) Director, a role she still maintains today. Throughout her years with HOBY, Natalie has volunteered at a total of 54 state and national HOBY Seminars across 17 HOBY Sites in roles including Facilitation Team roles and a variety of Director Roles such as Director of Staff, Director of Fundraising and Recruitment, Director of Team Alumni, and Director of Communications. Natalie served in the past as a Regional Project Director and has most recently served as a Facilitator and Mental Wellness Manager at the World Leadership Congress. Natalie’s favorite part of HOBY is the incredible sense of community that the organization provides while developing leadership skills within those committed to lifelong learning.

Professionally, Natalie is a High School Counselor at Chesapeake Math & IT Academy North High School as part of Prince George’s County Public Schools. She earned her Bachelor’s in Family Science and Master’s in School Counseling from the University of Maryland College Park and her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership Studies from Northeastern University.

When Natalie is not at work or volunteering with HOBY, she enjoys spending time with her cats and boyfriend in their new home, skydiving, and testing out new restaurants and recipes.