Program: Sample Program

View a PDF of a sample of the complete Program Book.

Day 1

1:00Ambassador Registration & Getting to Know You Activities
1:15College Campus Tours
2:30Facilitator Group Time
3:30Welcome to HOBY
4:30Welcome to the University
6:15Phase I - Personal Leadership
Keynote: Leadership and Values
6:45Personal Leadership Reflections
7:30Keynote: Self-Confidence
8:00Personality Types Introduction
9:30Leadership Labs
10:15Facilitator Group Time

Day 2

9:00Keynote: Reflections on Life
10:30Personality Types Activity
12:00Career Lunch
2:00Phase II - Group Leadership
Keynote: The Role of a Leader in Teams
2:45Keynote: Diversity
6:15Leadership for Service
Alumninum Recycling Fundraising for Children's Cancer Center
6:45Crisis Consensus Group Decision Making
8:00Leadership Labs
8:45Phase III - Leadership for Society
Keynote: Mobilizing Others to Action
9:15Leadership for Service
Preparation for Day 3 Service Project
9:45Facilitator Group Time

Day 3

7:30Breakfast on the bus
8:00Leadership for Service
Service in the community of Frederick, MD
11:15Return to campus
1:00Leadership for Service
Discussion and Reflection
1:30Poverty Simulation
3:30Keynote: The Poverty Cycle
4:00Optional Religious Services
6:00Panel Discussion - What Kind of World Will You Inherit?
7:30Ambassador Talent Show
9:00Dance and Ice Cream Social

Day 4

9:00Panel Discussion - Where Do We Go From Here?
10:00Volunteer Recognition
10:15SMART Goals: Goal Setting
11:00Thank You Letter Writing
12:00Group Time / Letters to Self
2:00Closing Ceremonies