Program: CLeWs

Community Leadership Workshops, or CLeWs, are one-day leadership workshops. They are sponsored by HOBY and local cooperating and civic organizations. Their format is similar to the annual leadership seminar.

Each CLeW has several sessions covering the theme of leadership as it pertains to volunteerism, government, education, and industry. Each session consists of a panel of three/four speakers. These speakers are leaders in the local community or state. Speakers' selection is made to allow for differing viewpoints regarding the session topic.

Each panelist is given five minutes to address the group. After all speakers give their presentations, the floor is open for a question and answer session, allowing the students to interact with the panelists. Following the question and answer session, students are divided into small groups to allow for further discussion of the topic at hand.

A workshop usually contains one or two panels, one or two motivational speakers, ice breakers, lunch, other activities (such as leadership simulations) and closing ceremonies.
For more information on our CLeWs, contact Carol Applegate.